Making a Difference

“ I am only one, but I am one.

I cannot do everything, but I can do something.

And I will not let what I cannot do interfere with what I can do.”

Edward Everett Hale

I think, like me, most people are stuck thinking they have to do something miraculous like Mother Theresa, or be someone famous like Scott Neeson, or Gemma Sissia, or St Francis of Assisi to make a difference in the world.  It’s easy to get lost in our own self doubt.  The Power of One Project was started to show that any-ONE can make a difference – even ME, even YOU!  


One individual – ME and YOU, working together can make a difference in each of our own way to fulfill on a dream, a commitment or just do something small for someone else that could be something that changes a life, saves a life or just makes life better for someone else.


When I visited Tanzania, I was inspired by the incredible work done to help those in need, and saw this as one way to make the difference I’ve always wanted to make, and felt I couldn’t!  Our first project has been to assist the Cradle of Love Baby Home, run by two Australians who assist babies and families. Today, The Power of One Project focuses on a range of charities in Africa. 


I have seen what ONE woman (with lots of involvement of others in her dream) can achieve.

Who would have thought!

Anne White - Founder

Want to make a difference too?  Here's how you

The projects

Providing interim care, love and security for every infant we are blessed with

Just $10 a month changes everything

In Tanzania there is great need for maternal child health. A variety of health issues face mothers that may lead to death during pregnancy, it is far too common. If the mother dies and there is no wet nurse, the father or relatives cannot afford baby formula. So a nursing infant with no one to provide adequate nutrition or care is in trouble. Without intervention  the infant would soon die from malnutrition. That is where Cradle of Love Baby Home steps in to help. We love and care for them until they are weaned and can go home to a family member.

The Power of One Project is the Cradle's major sponsor providing much needed financial support.  All your donations go directly to the Cradle with no marketing agencies, middle-men, or paid fund raising staff.  Each month donations are directly deposited into the Cradle's bank account to enable them to make important choices about what they need and to buy it locally to further support community.  The incredible staff of Cradle are then paid from what is left.    This year we are committed to increasing the level of support to the cradle to enable not only their monthly needs to be met but also start to fulfill on their Wish List items.

It's as simple as donating $10 a month.  In Australia this is hardly more than a coffee and cake at a local cafe, but in Tanzania, this translates to literally life or death in their ability to provide care for an orphaned baby.  

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Cradle of Love Baby Home

Changing one life at a time...

Major Project

Shanga is a successful social enterprise which employs people with disabilities to create unique, high-qualtiy, handmade jewellery, glassware and homeware using recycled materials. These products are sold in Tanzania and all over the world, with profits being reinvested back into development of new products and further employment of disabled people.

Combining an uplifting local community project with unique artistic activities and an opportunity to purchase handmade gifts, Shanga has been a favourite Arusha tourist destination since its inception in 2007.

Shanga is a project of Elewana as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility commitment to the people of Tanzania. Elewana Arusha Coffee Lodge is the home of Shanga, which comprises an open workshop for glass-blowing, weaving, sewing, tingtinga painting, bead-making and metal work, as well as a shop showcasing handmade Shanga products.

You can support Shanga by purchasing their range of unique giftware by visiting



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The mission of The School of St Jude is to educate disadvantaged, bright students from the Arusha District to become moral and intellectual leaders in their country and for St Jude's to thereby demonstrate educational leadership in Tanzania.

The way we do things at St Jude’s is different. With generous and ongoing support from individuals and institutions around the world we have built an exceptional educational institution that regularly ranks in the top 10% nationally. Every single one of our students was chosen because they combined academic promise with a desperately poor background and a great attitude to work. We feed them, house them, educate them, and do everything possible to ensure our students’ wellbeing and future success. As a result we have three campuses filled with happy and healthy children in a country where children frequently drop out of school.

You can contribute to The School of St Jude here

The School of St Jude

Providing free quality education to 1,800 students from communities in Tanzania


The 9th Annual Morning of Morning Teas
Cradle of Love Baby Home

Fundraiser for:

Fun and frivolity, sumptuous delights and inspiring conversations. Raffle & Lucky Door prizes. Invite your family, friends, workmates and acquaintances and I look forward to sharing more about Cradle of Love and "our babies".

Dates to be advised ....

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What's in your heart?

Every contribution matters, but what's in your heart?  If it's a financial donation, or you'd like to volunteer to assist The Power of One Project to help facilitate awareness, events and activities to raise funds for our selected charities we're here to help. There are many ways you can make a difference.  Your contribution big or small all adds up to change lives on a daily basis.

Perhaps you'd like to Volunteer with the charity itself? We can assist you to contact your Charity of choice and connect you to the people who can guide you.

We can also assist you to create your own events to support a charity of your choice.

Getting started is easier than you think. 

The Power of One Project - Cradle of Love Baby Home - Anne White