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For a great portion of my life, I’ve lived like ‘I’m just me – what could I do?’  To make a difference in the world you had to be special in some way;  a Mother Theresa, or pick any of the leaders of the world, but one thing was sure – it wasn’t me.

I’d had the opportunity to visit my daughter while she worked in Tanzania and during my stay visited some of the orphanages and local charities, one of which was the Cradle of Love Baby Home.  I was so inspired by the work they did there with orphaned babies.  The selfless giving of these amazing people making life altering differences to those most vulnerable and in need – again them, not me. 

One day I was reading the inspiring words from the The Cradle of Love Baby Home, Director, Davona Church.  As I marvelled at her life in service of others she wrote one line that altered my world “I am just one person, but I can still do something”.

I am just one person. And I can still do something... ok - but what?  It wasn’t until sometime later I was a participant in Landmark’s program The Self Expression & Leadership Program that I got an opportunity to create a community project as part of the course.  With Davona’s words still resonating in my head, it had to be about empowering not only myself, but each of us, ME and YOU as individuals has the ability to ‘do something’. 

Inspired by my African adventures, what I’d seen of the incredible lack of resources in these countries and of course the book and movie, The Power of One Project took form.

Today, The Power of One Project collects the contributions of so many individuals all ‘doing something’ which all put together makes a massive difference.  The project provides the opportunity for individuals to make unique differences as it was important that people are able to do something in their own way - whether it’s financial support, helping in some way big or small for The Morning of Morning Teas, creating our online presence, organising, empowering, coaching and above all caring. 

Today The Power of One Project is a registered Charity, a significant contributor to The Cradle of Love Baby Home and the journey to expand our reach has begun to allow more people to find fulfilment in their different contributions and passions.

I am Anne White.   I am just one person.  And I did something.  If I can do it, you can too.  We’ll continue to keep ‘doing something’ until our contributions are no longer required. At that time we will be looking at a new world and a breakthrough for humanity.

The Power of One Project Founder


Anne White

Anne is the mother of 2 daughters, Jess & Rachael and son Paul.  She is also Grandmother to these two adorable boys above!

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How to Get Involved

Want to get started but not sure how to help?

There are a range of ways you can assist and help in a way that best suits you.   We are able to accept financial donations in a variety of ways through either regular monthly contributions or one off donations that assist purchase items on the Charity's wishlist.  Just visit the Charity's page and select a option that suits you. See projects here

If you would like to contribute your time or your own special talents then please contact us to discuss.  We love to hear great ideas.

Perhaps you have something else in mind - we offer coaching and support to make your idea come to life. If you have a charity you would like to support and don't know how, perhaps we can help or even include it as a project on this site.  Please Contact Anne