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Just $10 a month changes their world!

In Tanzania there is great need for maternal child health. A variety of health issues face mothers that may lead to death during pregnancy & childbirth, it is far to common. If the mother dies and there is no wet nurse, the father or relatives cannot afford baby formula. So a nursing infant with no one to provide adequate nutrition or care is in trouble. Without intervention  the infant would soon die from malnutrition. That is where Cradle of Love Baby Home steps in to help. We love and care for them until they are weaned and can go home to a family member. Some babies are abandoned, and we love and care for them in the same manner, with hope that they will be adopted. In Tanzania, the Cradle of Love Baby Home is responding to the cries of orphaned and abandoned babies.

Within the region of Arusha there are 3 homes for infants and toddlers. Cradle of Love Baby Home was the first in the area to be open to infants without prejudice to any preexisting health condition, such as being HIV+. Those infants who are orphaned or abandoned used to stay in a hospital because there was no place to care for them. But now we are here for them.

Cradle of Love Baby Home was established to provide interim care for infants in need, we are a safe environment where the babies will receive proper nutrition, medical care, as well as all the love and attention they deserve. Since it responds to those that have severe medical problems there will be times when a baby dies; however, that infant will feel loved and secure until its last breath.

Cradle of Love Baby Home

Changing one life at a time...

The support The Power of One Project has gifted has seen Cradle’s amazing work continue, expand and diversify.  The Founder, Davona Church, is so inspiring with her own story and commitment.  She so beautifully sums up her work with this one sentence - 'I am just one person, but I can still do something.'  That touched me.  I am just one person - and I can do something too! And here we are today, a community of individuals all doing something.  A very BIG something in fact. – Love Anne xx

Those innocent faces and eyes! 'The Cradle' has been The Power of One Project's main charity for over 6 years. I'd visited the home and had seen first-hand the magnificent work they do. When I cuddled some of the babies, I realised  how easily you can forget how little these children have in comparison to our own lives here in Australia. 

Just $10 a month changes their world!

Join the 1000 Club Fundraising Project

Your Donation is administered by The Power of One Project, a legally registered Charity in Australia.  The Power of One Project is the vision of Anne White - a collective of each one person making a difference.  The charity has no staff and is completely volunteer run, which means each dollar you donate is going to make a direct difference to The Cradle of Love Baby Home in Tanzania.  Each month funds are directly transferred to the baby home where the staff shop locally for food and supplies for the baby home, which supports their own wider community.  For more information about The Power of One Project, you can Contact us or read more About us.

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