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Empowering Lives through Education

The Power of One Project has chosen to support the Unstoppable Foundation as their work is based in empowerment rather than a handout.  While many causes need immediate relief, this organisation takes a 5 step approach to produce a sustainable community.  Within 5 years the family & community no longer require help - they are now self sufficient. 

It's the whole package -  starting with education of the children and finishing with income and educational programs for parents. If this project inspires you please read on and you'll see how you can contribute to make a difference - Anne xx


Sponsor a Village (SAV) is based on a 5 pillar development model that incorporates everything crucial to lifting communities from poverty and removing obstacles to educating children. This isn’t charity in the traditional sense.

It’s empowerment for the entire community. Within approximately 5 years of implementation, projects are fully sustainable and parents no longer need our financial support.

The Sponsor A Village 5-Pillar Development Model tackles the five primary causes of poverty through a holistic, effective and cooperative program that removes the obstacles to educating children while providing vital support to facilitate and sustain community development.


Education changes individuals, communities and future generations and provides the highest return of any social investment. With primary education, we are empowering children to not only learn reading, writing and arithmetic, but to learn to protect themselves from HIV and AIDS, and from malaria, tuberculosis and cholera through basic sanitation principles as simple as washing their hands.  Educated children are better equipped to build strong livelihoods through improved employment opportunities.

Water & Sanitation

Clean water and sanitation eradicate up to 80% of the illnesses that keep children out of school.  In Africa alone, people spend 40 billion hours every year just hauling water.  Providing clean water in a community is fundamental to children attending school. It not only ensures they are healthy enough to attend school but frees them from the time-consuming task of hauling water so they have time to attend school.

Food & Nutrition

Hot school lunches, food aid and community gardens help end the cycle of hunger and malnutrition.   Close to half a million children under the age of 5, as well as pregnant and lactating mothers, are currently affected by acute malnutrition throughout Kenya.

Students are often forced to drop out of school and find temporary employment to earn money and help feed their families.


Meeting basic healthcare needs is a key tenet to keeping children in school and building strong sustainable communities.  With no healthcare and no health education, diseases like HIV/AIDS, malaria, typhoid, dysentery and a myriad of other waterborne diseases continue to run rampant across the developing world — devastating families, and keeping children from getting an education that can reverse this perpetual crisis.  This pillar acknowledges the strong link between helping people meet their basic healthcare needs and building strong communities.

Income Training & Empowerment

Teaching the parents to generate an income is vital to ensuring the sustainability of the overall project.  Training and empowering marginalized women and men is critical to enabling them to generate an income so they can provide for their families and afford to send their children to school. It also results in an increase in girls attending school and a decline in the incidence of child labor. In the developing world, crippling poverty forces many parents to send their children into the workforce to provide for the family instead of going to school.

Interested in Fundraising for Sponsor a Village ?

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Make a Difference


Help educate children and
provide lifesaving services to
an entire family


$31 will educate one child and
provide lifesaving services to an
entire family every month


1 Time Donation goes to support the whole village in the following ways

Educate 1 child for 1 year
Programming, materials &
2 Teachers for 1 year
Funds an entire schoolhouse
Sponsors an entire Village

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